What is Mega Burg?

Mega Burg is a vast maze of tunnels, uncovered originally by Brown and his family. They discovered it on accident, when fleeing for their lives from „Bad Air” that was intended to kill them. The Exodus of the rat population to Mega Burg was due to an attempt by local people to exterminate the growing rat problem. They largely succeeded, but in doing so the rats found a new, and secure haven for themselves.

Mega Burg, in the beginning, was not called as such. When the rats arrived to their new home they only understood that right above them was a place where humans met and discarded enough food on a daily basis to feed their fledgling colony.

Said location was in fact a Fast Food Restaurant, and the container from which the rats gathered most of their food was a massive dumpster where garbage bags full of half-eaten food and trash would be discarded.

You might be wondering, how did Mega Burg come to be? Where did the tunnels come from? The answer is not as mysterious to us, as it is to the rats that live there. Decades of steady erosion and water freezing, due to a bad building code. Over the years water drilled ever greater tunnels, deeper and deeper into the ground until they turned into branching paths and even „caverns”.

Rats are very industrious creatures; with handy tools at their disposal it was possible to adapt, to a greater or lesser extent ,these tunnels.

But that was merely the beginning.

Mega Burg turned into a vast collection of rats from throughout the city, both those fleeing from danger and unable to find their own homes. It is not as if Mega Burg was trying to look for more inhabitants. It was the smell of the food that brought them together, and due to a lot of immigration the colony grew and expanded.

Because of the ever growing numbers of rats living in the tunnels further below more dwellings had to be created. New tunnels were discovered, and slowly the rats organized themselves, they were forced to.

But rather than remaining a massive host of wild rats Mega Burg evolved, due to many challenges that the rats within faced, and a handful that tried to keep their home, and dreams of what it could become, alive.

With plenty of food at their disposal, those who did not gather it had plenty of time to think, experiment. It is through this seeming idleness that the rats turned from a disorganized band into their own civilization.

We will explore these different ideas over time, but let us start with Mega Burg itself.