About the Author

If you are reading this then you might be curious about the madman who created Mega Burg (and most likely a few too many fan-fiction short stories).

My name is Aleksander Bielski, born Polish with a strong knack for English. I have been writing since a very young age but only somewhere in 2016 my love for writing has resurfaced, and Mega Burg may be one of my most serious writing projects to date.

When not writing I work as a teacher, translator and copywriter (so pretty much anything to do with writing) with a few other hobbies that include comic writing and playing video games.

If you are curious about my other work (such as previous projects of greater and lesser size) please go to my blog/mess of a site called smokingcatstories.com

You may also find me on Twitter and eventually perhaps Facebook (once I make a separate page for my writing).

For now, enjoy your stay and I hope you will find what you are looking for in my writing!