Living in Mega Burg

Rats living in Mega Burg tend to, usually, live in dens. Some of which existed since the colony’s beginnings, some of which were dug by the rats themselves. A den is usually nothing more than a single room where the rats sleep, eat and store their belongings. Richer or more industrious rats are capable of owning dens with multiple rooms. Seekers, for example, will usually have two rooms in their dens; the main room which is used for trading and presenting their wares, while the second room is actually used for living.

Some dens have small alcoves that act as a storage space.

Since the rats of Mega Burg do not have the necessary knowledge to create doors or locks for that matter the entrances to their dens are usually covered up with whatever they can find or create. Such covers could be anything. A piece of cardboard, wood, sheet of metal or a top of a can. Because of this rats usually rely on their neighbors, or other rats living with them (such as family members) to make sure a thief does not enter the den.

Those who can afford it would hire guards for their dens, though there was never any guarantee that a guard would not be bribed.

Rats in Mega Burg are equally active during the night and day, making any uniform sleeping habits non-existent. From the colony’s point of view however the night is when rats can leave the colony safely, to find food or go out exploring. It is also during the sunrise hours that rats will usually be paid for their work for the colony. However as the number of rats increased, as did the active number of workers for the colony, some rats are paid every second morning. During the day, on the other hand, some rats can be found crafting or peddling their wares. Naturally, rats being a more nocturnal species, most adventures outside of the colony will occur in the night time.

A den is a rat’s home, and those living in them will go out of their way to make them feel homely. While furniture as such is rare, rats will try to find all manner of decorations or gadgets to fill their home. A comfortable “bed”, or rather something soft the rats can sleep on, is one common feature of every den.

Much rarer, though much coveted, are “fake lights”. Usually flashlights or any similar devices that produce light. While such items are rare, and usually run out of battery life quickly, a rat that can keep his home dry, well lit, and even warm can be considered wealthy, or at least very crafty.

While food is plentiful clean water is in relatively short supply. Rainwater is usually collected, when possible, or snow will be melted, but during the dry season the only close source of water is that from the sewers which is, usually, highly polluted. Since water is not plentiful the rats will very rarely use water for cleaning themselves or their clothes or belongings. Storing water has also been a problem, since the rats do not have any efficient or safe method of storing water, and each rat usually does so on his own, either in bowls or “tubs”.

Food is usually not prepared in any elaborate manner. Sometimes especially wealthy rats will actually use spices to decorate their food, or seek out “cooks”, who can compose their food in an artistic manner. It is very rare to see rats actually cook or fry their food.