Laws of Mega Burg

Over time Mega Burg developed a few laws of its own that have been interpreted by its inhabitants in different ways. Brown, the first rat, introduced his Three Rules:

„Firstly, the life and doings of every rat are of his own choosing. Nobody can tell him what he can and cannot do.

Secondly, the exception to the first rule is gaining the unwanted attention of the Tall-Ones. Bringing the eyes of the Tall-Ones upon the colony is something that will be dealt with through severe punishment.

Thirdly, do not cause harm upon another rat. No matter the reason, no matter the way, we all live in these tunnels together, and to steal from one another, or to hurt one another is not acceptable.”

These three basic rules were to restrict the destructive tendencies of some of the rats living in the colony. The third rule was abused and broken the most by not only the rats living in Mega Burg but also the authorities themselves.

While these Three Rules were expanded upon in time the punishments for crimes varied greatly. Depending on who was accused, and who was the „judge” one could see a clear bias in favor of specific rats over others. It was always a good idea to have friends in right places. There was no real way of appealing any such judgment.

The judges were usually leaders of Paws (protector squads) who would listen to any accusations on the spot and render judgment immediately, if possible.

Some examples of punishments include:

Payment of fines (including the return of stolen property and confiscation of property)

Forced Labor

Beatings (depending on the judge and protectors involved)

Exile (considered the harshest of punishments)

The law exists, as you can tell, but it is by no means fair.