Science, Medicine and Faith

Throughout Mega Burg’s current history there have been no schools, hospitals, or even temples. Sometimes small groups of rats would band together to form something similar, but they lacked the power or strength to have colony-wide influence.

As such most rats who are interested in studying or understanding the world do so in their free time. They keep records in the form of pictograms, and a very small minority, perhaps even just a handful of rats, have begun to understand the very basics of human “written tongue”. However such knowledge carries little weight in the colony, and will usually not be sponsored or endorsed in any way.

The same goes for most medical practices. There is, perhaps, a small group of rats who over the years have began to understand certain illnesses and medical conditions, but they lack the tools, supplies and knowledge to truly help, in most cases.

Most medical professionals experiment with different substances, plants and some human medicine that was thrown away. Rats, as such, are a sturdy species, but some illnesses have plagued the colony, leading to numerous deaths, and in one instance even barricading off the sick tunnels from the rest of the colony.

Faith is also still a hatching idea in the minds of many rats. Most have their own beliefs, and while small groups of rats have formed cults or circles there is no universal colony-wide religion.

There are three most notable faiths however.

The Pale Rat is considered the harbinger of death. Many of the sick and dying claim to have seen images of a pale, white rat, coming to end them. Because of this some rats have chosen to believe that this Pale Rat symbolizes death, and those who do give praise to him try to appease him by casting small sacrifices into the sewers, where many of the dead usually end up.

The Grey, One-Eyed Rat, is said to be a spirit of war and conflict. Through word of mouth many protectors and mercenaries have claimed to be joined by either a Grey or One-Eyed Rat in battle, who would encourage them to fight. After the battle was over however said rat would never be found.

Both of the above gods are considered by most to be mere hallucinations, caused by adrenaline or fever, but there is one semi-religious movement that does not follow a god per se.

From its earliest days Mega Burg faced a problem of some rats disliking the rapid changes within their colony, believing that bringing in items that once belonged to the Tall-Ones would bring misfortune. You could call them naturalists, purists or conservatists, but these rats have taken to practice their beliefs in a number of ways. Some have chosen to fight change actively, while others try to convince or “turn” other rats away from the “bad path”.

These rats would be the most numerous within the colony, but many of them left Mega Burg to live back in the “wilds”. Unlike most rats in Mega Burg these rats of the “Old Way” try to live their lives as closely to what they once were. Without the use of clothing, eating only as much as is needed, only “natural” foods, and especially to go through their lives without using any human tools or items.

While in the eyes of some these rats could be considered primitive, these are also the rats least prone to certain illnesses, caused usually by following human diets.