Weapons in Mega Burg are numerous. Some of them highly innovative some of them less so. However they can be grouped up into a number of categories that the rats themselves have named.

Stabbers – Swords, Daggers and Shivs

Stabbers were some of the first weapons the rats employed in personal combat. Before the rats could shape metal and wood with greater ease most of their weapons were made out of anything that was sharp, and glass was a mob favorite.

Glass Stabbers, while very crude and dangerous to the user as well, were readily available. They did not usually last for longer than a single fight however, and hitting a hard surface could had broken them.

Metal Stabbers were quickly adopted, but their quality varied greatly. While rats tried to smelt and beat metal into some rough shape and give it sharpness many improvised stabbers were also found, and often of superior quality. One popular example are scissor swords which although of different sizes and shapes proved to be very durable and kept their edge even after numerous fights and even when misused.

Stickers – Spears

Stickers were, at their birth, pieces of wood with glass shard stuck in old chewing gum at the top. Not even remotely effective or durable, they could still keep a fearful and inexperienced enemy at bay. Very quickly more classis spears (made out of wood) and salvaged stickers (such as sharpened screwdrivers) replaced the highly unreliable „chewy” sticks with glass. While Stickers were intended to keep beasts at bay they also proved their worth in some engagements underground, where limited room in narrow tunnels gave a group armed with these spears a significant advantage, unless the enemy managed to get close.

Sticks – Clubs

Sticks are just that. While some rats chose to spice up their simple clubs with nails and sometimes even wire most sticks were left bare, in order to beat an enemy without killing him or her.

Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons were very rarely used in Mega Burg, and usually they only came in the form of throw rocks or pebbles. Experiments with thrown spears did occur, but they were not practical underground and on the surface one did not want to part with their weapon when faced with a cat.

Other Weapons

One particularly cruel weapon that was designed and adopted by more savage gangs, but also some monster hunters, were hooks, often referred to as „Claws”. These hooks came in two variants, either long-hooks, attached to the end of poles, or short ones, held in a rat’s paw, usually in the off-hand. These hooks had one cruel purpose, to „capture” a victim and disable them. If a rat was caught by such a hook it would allow the rat holding the hook, or his companions, to attack the helpless rat up close. Escaping the hook once it caught fur was a very painful experience.


Armor in Mega Burg is either „Heavy” or „Light”. Most rats, when seeking some form of protection, will use cloth or leather wraps to protect their bodies. This is usually not very effective but it can, potentially, stop an incoming blunt blade.

Heavy armor, made out of metal, is exceedingly rare, and of questionable quality. Most metal armor was designed with fighting beasts in mind. A back-plate would be tied to a rat, to offer some protection from a surprise attack from behind, but since the plating was created out of soda cans it did not last too long. Later on, as the rats learned to smelt and forge their own metal, improved designs of these back-plates were created, and even some daringly experimented with „Hedgehog” armor. This armor was, pretty much, a back plate with a lot of nails punched through it. While very unpractical underground a beast would have a very hard time coming anywhere near such a spiky rat.

Metal armor evolved to create chest-plates and simple skull caps. Arm and leg protection out of metal was too difficult to both design and utilize. Full helmets (covering more than just the top of the head) were also very rare.


Shields only came into use after the first war in the tunnels. There were two design philosophies among shield builders, for the purpose of tunnel fighting.

Large shields, with slots for spears to be stuck through or around them, were the first. These shield were meant to protect anybody behind them, and allow a steady push down a tunnel. While effective the irregular design of many tunnels meant that these shields could get „stuck” in narrower sections of the tunnels.

Small shields were popular among those rats who used stabbers. Spears needed two hands to be used properly, and if you needed a shield then a stick was not a strong enough weapon to deal with your foe. These shields could be made out of can top, bottle caps and many similar round objects, with some manner of straps attached to them for ease of use.

Did the rats use scabbards?

The simple answer is, no. The rats never grew attached to their weapons (with a few exceptions) and as such when a weapon was out of commission a new one would be made. Usually rats would use knots or belts to keep extra weapons on themselves while running, but spears were an especially troublesome weapon to walk around with, and somewhat unpopular because of it.