The Protectors

The Protectors were at first guards for those rats that went out to scavenge for food. However as Mega Burg grew, and many internal struggles boiled out throughout the colony, the Protectors turned into a police force, and eventually self-claimed guardians of the colony.

Formed by Brown, the first rat, who later would be called the Tyrant, the Protectors turned from a mob of rats willing to protect their friends into an organized army.

Many of Brown’s original ideas continue to persist to this day:

Protectors are split into Paws (squads), each Paw of course counting five rats. One of the rats would act as the leader of the Paw and be responsible for his underlings. Each Paw is given a specific task for its shift, sent on patrols, guard duty, and similar. As the colony grew different sections of its tunnels were assigned to groups of paws, where one domineering and usually most experienced rat would be in charge. Such groups would be based in their own barracks, and usually half of the Paws assigned to an area would be on active patrol while the other half on passive guard duty.

While there was never any standardization of equipment among the Protectors (some rats even making their own weapons and armor instead of using colony provided equipment) some types of weapons were enforced, depending on task.

As an example, rats going out on „Food Duty” (guarding food gatherers) would be armed with stickers (spears) in order to keep any potential attackers or beasts at a distance in case of attack. While patrolling as law enforcers the use of sticks would be preferred, to pacify rather than kill anybody. This leaves the question of when would rats use their stabbers (swords, daggers and shivs)? The sad truth is that when the situation in the tunnels would become too dangerous for simple sticks to be employed the Protectors would be fully armed, and ready to fight.

Armor also became an issue as the number of Protectors grew and in most cases simple cloth or leather wraps were used by most rats. Those who could afford it, held enough seniority or were given especially dangerous tasks would be given metal armor.

More details on the weapons and armor in Mega Burg can be found in the Armory section.