Rat Professions and Titles

Gatherer – Rats who venture out collect food for the colony.

Seeker – Explorers and Merchants, bringing back all manner of curios for the colony.

Protector – Guard of Mega Burg.

Elder – A rat who is recognized as one of the leaders of Mega Burg, controlling some part of the colony.

Sniffer – Rats who are known for a very keen sense of smell.

Makers – A broad term used to describe rat craftsmen.

Tyrant – Single leader of Mega Burg, holding all or most power.

Outsiders – Rats who are, technically, part of the colony but merely living outside of it.


Stabber – Anything sword or knife-like.

Sticker – Anything spear-like.

Stick – Anything club-like.

Plate/Protection/Second Skin – Different terms describing Metal armor.

Putty – Watered down bread.

Thin Potatoes – Fries, french fries, you get the idea.