Points of Interest: Lower Tunnels

The Sewers

Access to the sewers can be found in the Lower Tunnels. While the Sewers have many interesting things, discarded by humans, they are also a mildly safe method of travel throughout the city, when moving on the surface is too dangerous. Some rats have attempted to harness the flow of the sewers for their own means, such as rat blacksmiths using mills to power very crude hammers.

It is also here where a handful of rats made their fist attempts at building rafts to travel on the water, but the strength of the sewers’ waters is at times hard to predict.

In its darker times it was also the Sewers where the dead would be cast away, due to the lack of any other disposal method.

The Theater

The Theater, first one to be ever formed in Mega Burg, was never truly called that. It was known as the „Show Den” to rats, because that is where the rats put up all manner of dazzling performances. From recounting legends, to comedy and drama, the Theater while not large is always packed full of curious and culture starved rats.

The Great Melter

One of the most advanced projects the rats have ever undertaken, the Great Melter is in essence the closest the rats have to a functioning and efficient smelter. Any metal scrap that is not used is melted down and turned into bars of „metal”. These are later sold, or traded away, to different makers in the colony, who then, depending on their own equipment and skills, can create all manner of simple objects.