Points of Interest: Upper Tunnels

The Upper Tunnels are known for a few key locations that keep the colony running, as well as being the theoretical center of culture.

The Great Common Den

Once known as the Common Den, over the years this largest den, where the first rats once slept and met was expanded to act as a great communal space for rats leaving or arriving to the colony, exchanging gossip, or observing what was brought in from outside. In the past it was also the political hotspot of the colony, and many aspiring speakers would make their first appearances here.

The Pantry

Another large den, repurposed as a storage or treasury. All food brought from outside that is the colony’s property is kept here and also distributed from there. Scores of rats sort the food into different types, making sure mold does not settle in, while Protectors ensure no thief ever makes it within.

While smaller pantries do exist throughout the colony, the main one can be found in the Upper Tunnels.

Protector Den

Once the home of Brown, and the barracks of the Protectors, it has now become more of an office. Rats with reports of crime or dissent come here to inform a higher ranking Protector of the situation. In human terms it is a court and police department in one. Most equipment is stored in local barracks throughout the colony, but it is in this Den that most operations and reports are seen through. It is also here where the leader of the Protectors would usually reside.